Welcome to iWarp! The actual Calmira program isn't the only thing Calmira users can work together on. For the first time in Calmira history, different Calmira users, who are not in any way affiliated with Calmira.Org, have worked together for a common cause. Five different people from different ends of the globe have worked and are working on various internet projects for the Calmira Community. iWarp started out as a small partnership idea started by The Dark Sun at his own personal site. The idea was simply to work together on whatever needed to be done... but at the time, nothing really needed to be done. Calmira hadn't had a new version release in a long time and basically nothing much was really happening inside the Calmira Community, until now! iWarp plans to usher in a new era for Calmira, enhancing the communication between Calmira Users and the way you use Calmira! Explore this site to find out more about the Internet projects which have been completed and the projects which are being worked on now!
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